Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Texas Star Quilt

Between trips to the corral to check on calving....

One of these doesn't look like the other... but they are a pair!!

I have been sewing on my Texas Star quilt by Whirligig Designs.


It has come together very fast.

Pineapple blocks and Ferris Wheels...

I love the look of the pineapple blocks.

Before you know it all the blocks were done!

All was going well till.....

I realized I am short 18" of background fabric!!

Two inset triangle!!!


Thank goodness, I know where I can get more of this fabric.

Until then...

These border geese are grounded!!



  1. That really is a fabulous quilt. You know, you could probably just deliver your grandbaby, too!

  2. Uh, definitely not our cutest cow by any means! Might be my favorite quilt to date . . .


  3. So glad you are able to get fabric to finish this beauty!


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