Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter, everyone!!
I cooked our family supper yesterday
with 17 people
so I plan to do a little of this today.....
And a little of this....
Marshmellow favorite... in TWO packs??
Who knew!!
Thanks, Arnold!!
Arnold is enjoying his treat already...this bunny now looks like a bear!
The ears are always the first to go....
I have to thank my sister in law, Anita!
She always gives us a bag of goodies from Staples(where she works) for Christmas and Easter.
She always thinks of what I love....
A little cow....

That just happens to double as a USB stick!!
How cute!!

Sticky notes and envelopes(in my 'other' favorite color)!!
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Anita!!
Always appreciated!!
Hope your Easter was chocolate filled and family friendly!!
Ours was....
If you get a little more reading time...
 Live from New York...
She always makes me laugh!!





Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nothing says Spring like...... Kittens!!!

The weather is trying to warm...

The frost was super thick this morning....
The gate to the cows looks like it was covered in soft feathers!

And the skies have a pink hue to them... warmth!!

It's a good thing as there are no ditches left....
And next to no fence line.

The first sign of dirt in months is showing on the gravel roads today


But a sure sign of Spring on the farm is KITTENS!!
Winny had her babies a couple of weeks ago.
They should be in the barn's too cold!!
Who can resist snuggling these little faces??

Already looking to get into some trouble and only 3 weeks old!!

Who needs the Easter Bunny....
Someone has to bring the chocolate!!
Happy Easter!!



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Banner Day

Rome... is complete!!

We have put all the finishing touches to this town

making it somewhere you'ld want to live!!

 The Church is on the hill with flowers and trees...

An orchard has been planted....

And apples are ready for the picking!!

With cobblestone streets...

Quilts on the line....

Tractor in the field....

The Torquay Elevator standing tall...

There is even a bit of a breeze in the air...

waving a field of wheat....

And grass on the hill!!

It's the closest thing to Spring right now!

Great job, everyone!!

It's ready for the Glendive Quilt Show!!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dreaming of Spring....

Since it still has failed to arrive!!

Blizzard after Blizzard...

It has been busy calving week.

This little girl needed some special care so she was hauled into the house. 

 Dawson sat with her till she was better.

After a couple hours of 'hot towel' spa treatment, she perked up and start to moo!!

She is up and bucking and back in the barnyard.

I sure could use some spa treatment right about now though!!

I did manage to fight the drifts of snow for quilting on Thursday.

This was Jane Marcotte's latest Ester Aliu Quilt.

Jane has done a couple of Ester's free patterns. They are applique and super intricate.

Jane has done an amazing job as always!!

Jane's color combinations are bright and cheerful. 

She asked for some advice on a binding choice....

 and as always.....

we are MORE than willing to share our opinions!

We seem to be getting more vocal as the years pass.

I also finished my mini quilt for the exchange on The Quilting Gallery.

All 72 cornerstones stitched on by hand!!

I scalloped the corners and flowered the centers.

The binding is half yellow and half blue.

I love to find a place for the selvage somewhere on most of my quilts.

It is a little piece of history that belongs with each piece.

This one was no exception!!

What better place than on the hanging sleeve!!

I am ready for Spring AND a partner for this exchange!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

If I could I would have given you 'Spring' for your birthday!

Heck... I would have given ME some 'Spring' for YOUR birthday!!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazy a.k.a My Mini Quilt

For the past 2 weeks,

it seems we have constantly been moving calves to shelter and bedding down.

Four days of blizzards in two weeks... enough already!!

With every one happy and healthy,

I thought I would start on my mini quilt for Quilting Gallery's Spring Swap.

I have made this mini wedding ring a couple of times before and framed them.

This time I thought I would make it 4 times as big which still keeps it under the 24" rule!!

I was thinking of binding in the strip and rings of blue and yellow.

This is a small project with lots of pieces....little ones at that!

I bet you thought this was the crazy part...

No.. not yet....

 there were some blue ring

Creeping up on CRAZY...

 this is HALF of the cornerstone!

Sew two of these 3/4" pieces to make a.......

THIS is the crazy part....

 ONE INCH Four Patch

This is where I realized I was humming the tune "Crazy".....

Seventy two of these little gems hand stitched on.

I put myself under the intermediate category for the trade
thought I was pushing my way into that group.

I would like to rethink that now!!

Where is the category for 'Crazy'?