Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Quilt in the Midst

I really enjoy farming.

MOST of the time.

Especially the animals..with all the babies!!

 Kittens,chicks,piglets and calves.

Every morning this week,

we have found this little tyke on the OUTSIDE of the pen looking in!!

Cutie pie!!!

But LIVEstock goes hand in hand with... DEADstock.

Yesterday was a prime example.

A heifer(first time calver) was having problems so we pulled the calf.

It was dead.

I decided to try a little 'animal' cpr and before you know it - the calf took a breath!!
I asked Arnold to get some rags from the shop to dry off the calf.

We took the calf to the sick bay (aka the garage)to keep a better eye on him.

But after grave attempts...the calf still died.

If you come back as an animal in your next life,

be sure to request living here as I literally attempt to make sure you get a chance at life!!!

Even my neighbours call, starting the conversation with...

"I have a batch of TINY kittens whose mom died....."

That's how 'Beachball' Winny came to live here.

So back to the rags....

This was one of the 'rags' Arnold brought as I was doing my best 'life-saving' techniques.

I was about to have a conversation with him about where he found that but there was no time for that!!

This morning I went back to find that 'rag' and figure out where it came from.

We recently moved Arnold's parents and I am sure, in their downsizing this was in the rag bag.

I rescued it and washed it up as I am sure Arnold's grandma made it way back when!!

It has seen better days for sure.....the stories this quilt could tell!!

It makes me wonder why we make rules like using only 100% cotton...

This fortrell will outlive all of us!!

The color is still bright and the fabric hasn't aged a day!!

The cotton however, has taken a beating!

I love how this square was made up using every last bit of fabric to complete the quilt.

And all the scraps for the back...great use of what they had.

There is no batting and it was tied at some point in its life.

This quilt is what true quilting is about to me...plaids,stripes,prints,solids.

It was meant to be used and was loved to pieces!!

I may not have saved a calf but I did save this quilt's life!!

Have a sunny day!!



  1. Well you did your best for the poor calf, nature has a way. You certainly have a heart for your animals.

  2. I'm glad that you rescued the quilt! You are right about the fortrel - it never wears out. We like to use it for our LWR quilts but we don't see much of it anymore.

  3. What a lovely story - one life gone, but one life saved! I have a small quilt made of almost completely fortrel-type fabrics, made by a friend for our eldest son when he was a baby, and you're right, doesn't look used at all. Then there's the broadcloth (poly-cotton) quilt my mom made around the same time (early 70's) which also is standing up to the test of time, except for the polyester batting. Hmmm....have to see if I can resurrect both of those!

  4. Your photo of the kittens is so darn cute! Sorry to hear the calf died even with all your efforts and I'm so glad you rescued the quilt!

  5. What cute kittens. Go tuxedo cats!

  6. I agree. THIS is the history of quilting. When I started two years ago I invisioned using "recycled" fabrics but who isn't seduced by the beautiful fabric collections and variety available? I'm a new follower...hopped over here from the giveaway post.

  7. That quilt looks like one my Aunt Vera might have put together in the late 1960s or early 70's, she used fortrel often and she gave my son one of her quilts when he went from a baby crib to a real bed -- he is now about to turn 40 and he still has that quilt on his couch in his own apartment! i am adding your blog to my RSS feed so will be back to visit again, soon


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