Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Rome' was Built in Two Days

This Flash Post is dedicated to Brenda King....

who has been biting her nails waiting for an update on our banner!!

A book was borrowed....
(thanks, Brenda)

And a plan envisioned....about 3 minutes of sketching!!

Our deadline to have this banner done

 for the Glendive, Montana Quilt Show seems to be creeping up on us quickly!!

We decided to have an extra sew day today and gidd'er done!!

It was right to work today!!

The little church on the grassy hill.....

(possibly... little crosses in the cemetery to come)

rolling down past the school house and into town

The barn and silo.....

Quilts on the line....Look at the detail in those quilts,Brenda!!

Just kidding...

they are printed...we had to draw the line somewhere!!

Had to have a Canadian Flag on it, of course!!

Some tabs for the top and it's off to be quilted

 by none other than

our in-house Professional Longarmer -

Terry Whitman!!

With some consultation from the 'Wednesday Girls' on Saturday for some lettering.....

This banner will be ready to be hung!!

This 'Rome' was built in TWO days!!

Awesome job, everyone!!



  1. Looks great! Too bad that I had to work...the tabs look really good. They add a little something to the plainer top.

    1. Some one has to keep the economy going!! Glad you could come for lunch

    2. FYI- Irene is also on my side of the scrap argument! So you have three and I now have 21!

  2. Awesome job is right! And if you and Tracey wonder why your blogs have had so many hits lately, it's because I kept checking for an update on this banner. I totally love it - the road running along the bottom and up to the elevator is great... as is the whole banner.

    1. Thanks for the use of your book! It' was a great starting off point. There were a lot of 'OMG how cute!' from us as we were constructing!

  3. The banner is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job ladies!

    1. Thanks Miss Carol! It really turned out well!!


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