Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazy a.k.a My Mini Quilt

For the past 2 weeks,

it seems we have constantly been moving calves to shelter and bedding down.

Four days of blizzards in two weeks... enough already!!

With every one happy and healthy,

I thought I would start on my mini quilt for Quilting Gallery's Spring Swap.

I have made this mini wedding ring a couple of times before and framed them.

This time I thought I would make it 4 times as big which still keeps it under the 24" rule!!

I was thinking of binding in the strip and rings of blue and yellow.

This is a small project with lots of pieces....little ones at that!

I bet you thought this was the crazy part...

No.. not yet....

 there were some blue ring

Creeping up on CRAZY...

 this is HALF of the cornerstone!

Sew two of these 3/4" pieces to make a.......

THIS is the crazy part....

 ONE INCH Four Patch

This is where I realized I was humming the tune "Crazy".....

Seventy two of these little gems hand stitched on.

I put myself under the intermediate category for the trade
thought I was pushing my way into that group.

I would like to rethink that now!!

Where is the category for 'Crazy'?




  1. wow. not something i'd be attempting. it is very lovely.

  2. Holy!!! You're putting me to shame! Stop it!

    1. You're will be amazing and I could never compete with your points. You forced me to go round!!

  3. Better you than me! Nice work

  4. It's amazing what you will do for something you love that they couldn't pay someone enough to do.

  5. It may be crazy, but it's fantastic! Not something I would tackle though!

  6. Love the minis! I fell in awe of them last year in Minot. You could teach us a few things.

    1. You make some incredible mini's yourself!! You should join the swap...there's still time! Just click on the icon at the top!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!