Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dreaming of Spring....

Since it still has failed to arrive!!

Blizzard after Blizzard...

It has been busy calving week.

This little girl needed some special care so she was hauled into the house. 

 Dawson sat with her till she was better.

After a couple hours of 'hot towel' spa treatment, she perked up and start to moo!!

She is up and bucking and back in the barnyard.

I sure could use some spa treatment right about now though!!

I did manage to fight the drifts of snow for quilting on Thursday.

This was Jane Marcotte's latest Ester Aliu Quilt.

Jane has done a couple of Ester's free patterns. They are applique and super intricate.

Jane has done an amazing job as always!!

Jane's color combinations are bright and cheerful. 

She asked for some advice on a binding choice....

 and as always.....

we are MORE than willing to share our opinions!

We seem to be getting more vocal as the years pass.

I also finished my mini quilt for the exchange on The Quilting Gallery.

All 72 cornerstones stitched on by hand!!

I scalloped the corners and flowered the centers.

The binding is half yellow and half blue.

I love to find a place for the selvage somewhere on most of my quilts.

It is a little piece of history that belongs with each piece.

This one was no exception!!

What better place than on the hanging sleeve!!

I am ready for Spring AND a partner for this exchange!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

If I could I would have given you 'Spring' for your birthday!

Heck... I would have given ME some 'Spring' for YOUR birthday!!



  1. Your mini quilt is going to give someone spring; it's beautiful.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I wish it was today though!

  2. Did you add a label? What is the finished size? Looks wonderful!!!

    1. I still need to do a label...thinking on that one! It finished at 17"x23"

  3. A cow in the house, now I've seen everything. lol Your quilt is beautiful, nice touch adding the salvage.

    1. Not the first cow in my house!! You do what you have to do to keep them alive!!

  4. Is Dawson a Jack Russell terrier?


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!