Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happily Blizzard After!!

 There were some pretty happy calves last night after they dried off in the shed.

Rounding them up was like gathering monkeys!!

Not exactly the right lighting either but I tried!

But this little guy wasn't feeling so good.

I tried to tube him but couldn't get the tube past his tongue.

So I put my hand in and found he had a huge wad of gummed hay stuck in his throat!!

After tubing him with some milk he seemed to perk up.

He was reunited with his mom.

Nothing like a mother's love!

So it was off to Justin's to get him back in his own home.

Couldn't hardly see the road this morning....

To do alot of this....

His lane was one solid snow bank!

What a difference a day makes!!

No stitching for me today


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