Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter, everyone!!
I cooked our family supper yesterday
with 17 people
so I plan to do a little of this today.....
And a little of this....
Marshmellow favorite... in TWO packs??
Who knew!!
Thanks, Arnold!!
Arnold is enjoying his treat already...this bunny now looks like a bear!
The ears are always the first to go....
I have to thank my sister in law, Anita!
She always gives us a bag of goodies from Staples(where she works) for Christmas and Easter.
She always thinks of what I love....
A little cow....

That just happens to double as a USB stick!!
How cute!!

Sticky notes and envelopes(in my 'other' favorite color)!!
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Anita!!
Always appreciated!!
Hope your Easter was chocolate filled and family friendly!!
Ours was....
If you get a little more reading time...
 Live from New York...
She always makes me laugh!!





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  1. Sorry, but after your good advertising for my blog, today's entry is really dreary. Tomorrow things will be back to normal I hope. Cue to
    "the sun'll come out tomorrow; bet my bottom dollar..."


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