Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucky in Deadwood...

You think Saskatchewan has wide open roads...

 but in South Dakota.... it's a ribbon of road!!

We spent the weekend in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Deadwood is so rich in history and has such beautiful buildings

It was +15C and gorgeous!!

Arnold and I both had a turn in the money booth at Tin Lizzy's.

You had 30 seconds to catch as much money as can...

and push it through the TINY mail slot!!

When we weren't testing out our luck, we were canyon touring

through Mount Rushmore......

It is an unbelievable accomplishment and work of art!

That was some vision to create such detail out of a wall of rock!

The National Forest signs always make me think of Yogi Bear!

We made just a few stops at some quilt stores....

like 5!!!

I was Arnold's sugar momma in return for some shopping time!

Nancy Zieman was spotted in at Junction Fabrics in Sturgis, South Dakota.

At Rapid City, South Dakota, it was Fabric City.

Loved this sign....

It's my #3 word on my list of life goals

#1 and 2 are Simple and Worry-free...

that's what makes it possible to CREATE

Lots of inspiration at this store!

It was a quick stop over at Pearl Louise's Thimble Cottage 

This is a beautiful store in a vintage home.

This little tike was found on the store steps this week.

He was scrumptious and I could have taken him home...

if I didn't already have 5 dogs!!!
(that's a story in itself)

In Spearfish, it was Dakota Quilt Company

This is also an amazing store with lots of light and very friendly staff.

Arnold had to wait patiently here as I was having a great time at this store!!

We also stopped at Bakery Fabrics in Belle Fouche, South Dakota.

I even found some inspiration for my compass quilt at one of the casinos

Recognize this,Tracey??

We got home just before the blizzard which hit today.

All the cows look like snowballs.

That is swirling snow on this picture...not a scratched lens!!

Now that all the moms and babies are warm and safe....

I have a new stitching project calling me!!

Thanks for doing chores, Justin & Jeremy!!



  1. And you couldn't find a brown???????

  2. Oh yeah, and I forgot to ask, "And so where are you going this coming weekend? Calgary? Saskatoon? maybe Winnipeg?" LOL

    1. Got pace ourselves....after all it's Minot's quilt show in 2 weeks!!!

  3. Glad you got home before the storm. Unbelievable the difference in our climate and it's not that far away (I was noticing the green grass).

  4. Thanks for sharing all the inspiring ideas in the quilt shops. I also LOVE the photo of the cows standing in the snow. My son, who is currently deployed, would love it too! He was always happiest standing in a pile of manure!!

    1. The cows are much happier today that's for sure!!

  5. If you are Catholic, submit Arnold's name for sainthood! 5 quilt stores!!! Bob's tolerance level is about one ... and that's if there is a Canadian Tire right next door. LOL

    1. Just Arnold's luck... he is catholic!! That is hilarious!! I did offer for him to stay back and I even gave him half of all my winnings!!

  6. Oh! That puppy is just precious! I hope someone is giving him a good home.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!