Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nothing says Spring like...... Kittens!!!

The weather is trying to warm...

The frost was super thick this morning....
The gate to the cows looks like it was covered in soft feathers!

And the skies have a pink hue to them... warmth!!

It's a good thing as there are no ditches left....
And next to no fence line.

The first sign of dirt in months is showing on the gravel roads today


But a sure sign of Spring on the farm is KITTENS!!
Winny had her babies a couple of weeks ago.
They should be in the barn's too cold!!
Who can resist snuggling these little faces??

Already looking to get into some trouble and only 3 weeks old!!

Who needs the Easter Bunny....
Someone has to bring the chocolate!!
Happy Easter!!




  1. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. Oh how I envy you!!
    We've had a brown winter here in Ohio, but have had lots of rain which I know is good for farmers, and those who have springs. But I want snow so badly!!
    Maybe next year :)

  2. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful snowy spring pictures. I live in the desert - so your pictures are like a dream for me! Your kitties are ADORABLE!

  3. Oh how beautiful. The snow is pretty but no thank you. I live i the South and detest cold weather. But those kittens are so cute. I wan't to hug em and pet em and teasing...Nothing like babies's (baby anythings) to make you want to just love em. My kitties are close to be a year old now and they are so huge....we have 2 male orange striped tabbies. Mine or outside kitties as we have a horriable squirrell population that needs a little controlling the natural way...Othersie the squirrells were eating our house and outdoor things away...Can't have the squirrels eating the gas lines and chewing the phone lines all the way through yet again. Since the kitties got big enough to move outdoors no more squirrell destructions have been found here.

  4. Heh! I was really enjoying your first photo till I saw your dog doing his business in the background! LOL
    Have a great weekend. I can't come to guild on Thursday because my family from Detroit is coming for supper. Sorry.


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