Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gift From Germany

My 'Dreaming of Spring' mini quilt exchange arrived yesterday!!
All the way from Germany.....

With all kinds of treats,too!!

How adorable is this......

So fitting for the 'Dreaming of Spring' theme!!
It was made by Ulla Rossmiesl of Frieberg, Germany.

I just love the little banner of 'Spring'

Each bird has a treat in it's beak

and ribbon for tailfeathers....
in bright primary colors...

Little daisies in the field with French knot centers
Perfect for Spring!!
A little pouch of the cutest buttons....
Chocolate, notepad/pen and some history...
I love it!!

Good thing I have some Germany friends...maybe they can translate for me!!

Ich danke Ihnen, Ulla!!
(Thank you very much!!!)


  1. Ulla did a fantastic job. It makes me jealous of her creativity!

  2. Thats is gorgeous quilt and great goodies too. Lucky duck indeed.

  3. I could live there! Parts of the city have 'gutters' between the street and sidewalk, that use to be used to water livestock and fight fires; today water us diverted from a river so there is a peaceful 'gurgle' as you walk! . . . Google it



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