Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Glendive Show... Part II

Here are some of the finds I happened upon in Glendive...
We stumbled on a store downtown that was
 going out of business
soooo...who can resist
Fabric for 3$/yard??!!?
Not me....
so some basic backgrounds....
I had to fight Terry for this little cabinet...
As I was at the till getting a price, she was deeply considering it's possibilities!!
We can't help if we both have great taste!!

Some blacks...
which I find it's hard to get great black fabric so buy it when you do!!


I thought this tea towel chalked up our weekend quite well...
'Seeds of friendship bring flowers of joy'

And look at that....
The Enchanted Room just 'happened' to have the kit!!

While at the Enchanted Room, I had a good chat about color with Laura, one of the owners.
She commented on how she had just watched show about how the Pantone Group decides
what the up and coming color is each year.
This year, they chose Emerald Green...
That's the color I saw in Minot everywhere.....

What power it would be to choose the upcoming color!!
But I would not be good at it ~ we would be wearing purple every year!!
I also picked up some fun colors and Dino fabrics.
This baby quilt is well on it's way as is the new grandbaby!!
I found an easy pattern on Moda Bakeshop to feature these cute Dino's
Just love the little footprints!!
I may even get it bound today!!
At Quilts and More, I found a nice array of flannels for babies.

I tried this Mitred Corner Baby Flannel blanket from Creative Chicks Blog.

 It was easy and fast.....
Thanks for the link, Lori!
One down....about 6 more to go!!
Thanks to Bonnie, Vera, and the two Donnas...We really enjoyed supper with you!!






  1. The dinosaur quilt is very cute - perfect pattern for the fabric. Hope you are bringing tomorrow for show and tell.

  2. Is there an age limit on Dino quilt?


  3. I'm trying to decide whether you daughter or daughter-in-law is having septuplets or if one baby is getting 7 quilts! LOL


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!