Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Remove a Garage....Farmer Style!!

Spring is definitely here....
Justin's tulips are in full bloom and the gladiolas are up!!
On our way home from Regina,
 there were some Prairie wind surfers out on the flooded plains.
This is not a lake.... just large flooded plain!!

To think this is was only a couple of weeks ago....a little snow left and a garage still in tact!

Till yesterday when we decided to host our own tractor pull....

and remove the garage with one felled swoop!!

It didn't take long before the job was done!!
Arnold's cousins were staying with us and wanted a 'working' vacation.
Thanks for your help, Ellen and Gerry!!

Today will be removing the old cement.

All the cats thought they better take refuge on the swing!!
Here's a little action video of the Tractor pull!!
This saga continues!!
Ps. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I didn't work all day!


  1. Good thing you had the equipment to make a fast job of it! I suppose the cement will come up with a bull dozer or something? What a rainy day you had.

  2. Did you see the cat run out of the garage at 28 seconds into it?

  3. OMG, the scared kitty is funny! But I missed "why" you are tearing down what looks to be a perfectly good garage?

  4. I am so happy that spring has finally arrived. I was beginning to worry. We had cool spring weather this past Memorial Day, but the heat and humidity will be with us starting today. Everything is blooming and the corn across is up and looking grand.
    I love how resourceful you are in getting things done. I'm still waiting on DH to get back to finishing the remodeled bathroom. I know, it all takes time and if we'd quit going on vacation it would get done sooner!!
    Have a great week!

  5. Carson said ,"Why are they tearing down that garage - it looks better than ours." It's quite the way to spend your birthday but the end product will be soooo worth it.


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