Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let The Race Begin...

The Estevan Motor Speedway had their first race on Saturday.
It was a mighty fine day for an afternoon race!!
Spring has arrived...FINALLY!!!!!
The Pussy Willows are just starting to emerge.
They are quite easy to get if you take your kid out to the muskeg to get them!!
That kid is 22 so he is old enough to play in the water.
Thanks, Justin!!

First Spring ride in the back of the truck for the dogs and cats(pussy willows)!!

The kittens have graduated to being farm cats.
Look how big they are getting...

Today was Vet Day for another bull....
This pic is for Tracey...
Just pretend you're along for the ride!!

I won't go into the details... just let your imagination do the walking...
A gloved arm?... NEVER a good sign!!
I managed to finish the Dinosaur quilt for the grandbaby on the way.

I also started back on the 'chain gang' for Scrap Squad #3.

I used one of my favorite lines of fabric, Kasuri
 the monotony of this one is taking it's toll on me.

I am not doing it as the original pattern calls for....maybe that's my problem!!

I have visions of the 'Blue' Baron motif in mind.

400 of these 3 inch PAPER PIECED parts later!!
The finish line is in site!!
Good thing because seeding is just about to start at the Marcotte Tractor Crawl.
On your mark, get set.......PULL!!!!


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Thanks! I work now on Thurs and Fri so I will see you at 12:45 Fri. Our fabric should be in tomorrow, but I won't be getting it until Monday now.

  2. Are crocuses out too? I'll have to check my favorite spot. You could farm out your PPing to me ... love the stuff! No, that's not a joke; I really do.

    1. The Crocuses are out! I have done about 10 large projects pping but there is just something about this one that is making all the Scrappers unhappy!!

  3. Is that child abuse? Making him go into the cold water?

    1. It's only child abuse if they say 'no'!! Then I may have had to use that new Kayak!!

  4. Marcy has spent the whole evening here and has fixed me up so Justin won't need to come not that I wouldn't like to see him again. Tell him that Marcy and Stan gave me a nice BIG monitor for Mother's Day.

    1. Great to see you commenting again!! Justin said you would be good by Mother's Day with a nice BIG screen!!


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