Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seed In The Dust...

And your bins will bust....

Seed in the mud and it'll be a dud!!
That is my favorite motto when it comes to farming from a local farmer namely Bob Hurren!!
So we have a good chance of finishing today if all goes well....
There have been some passing rain clouds.. but so far so good!
Seeding has been relatively problem free...
Minus the two tires and replacing a starter!!!

I am SOOO getting a manicure in NYC!!
Who thought it was a good idea to put the starter at the bottom of an engine??
Dawson has found a new vantage point for spotting bunnies...
And Justin and I even managed to squeeze in planting his 2500 glads...

Now let the growing begin!!
Off to the field...
Ps. Thank you, Mom.... for making us supper tonight!!




  1. Hope you get done today so you can enjoy New York guilt free. Thanks for the glads.

  2. Looks like a long day, must get lonely out in the fields. Aren't moms great?

  3. Well, there is no dust this morning so that "seed in the dust" will be off to a good start after a good rain.

  4. Your versatility is boggling.Your hands in the grease and dirt and then on the tiny quilt from Germany.Hope you got rain last night.
    We did, thank god, so Stan can finally take a rest.
    He's going to work himself to death.


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