Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring HAS GOT TO be in the Air

Justin said it's time to leave some big footprints....
He sent me a pic of his new shoes...
He is going to scare Grandma into thinking there is a Sasquatch in the area!!
Another sign of spring is our three new kids on the block....
Justin thought it was a good idea to add some pigs to the workload!!
As cute as they may be....
I am referring to them as Porkchop, Bacon, and Ham.
We had a farrow to finish hog operation for 15 years with 800 pigs all the time.
We got tired of feeding people for free and shut it down.
This will be Justin's pet project...I just say hi as I pass by each day!
I had to miss quilting yesterday to do a little vacuuming...
of the intense kind!!
My grain is cleaned, back in the bin and ready to seed!!
So bring on the sunshine and the green..
I am so ready!!

 We have a crop to put in and a new garage to build this summer!!

and hopefully Soon!!



  1. wow, that is like adding on a new house, it will be great

  2. I'm sure spring will be there soon. They harrowed the field across the road from me last night and planted it today. Spring is here in Ohio. It is a beautiful day, blue skies and 67 degrees. My kind of weather if I can't have snow. I know, you'll be happy to send me some!
    I love the pigs names. That is how I would refer to them too! Tell Justin good luck with that project. I'd like to know how he likes his new shoes?!

  3. I don't know how you ever find time to quilt. I just have to take care of a husband and one dog and run out of time.


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