Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Kickoff

I am participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival for 2013
This is my most favorite 'Scrappy' quilt thus far...
My 'Farmer's Wife' Quilt

When I first read about the Farmer's Wife Sampler book, I was intrigued.
I was never raised on a farm but was given a real appreciation for life in all it's aspects.
(listen to me go on....I sound like I am 80...must be an old soul!)
Having married a farmer at the age of 16,
 I took on the lifestyle in full force learning how to care for all kinds of animals, fixing machinery, seeding, haying, harvest....
You name it, I have taken it on!
So when I read the first line of this book....
"If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you, in light of your own experience, have her marry a farmer?"
A magazine at the time had 750,000 subscribers, and received over 7,000 letters. The best answers to this question are included in this book, along with the traditional quilt blocks they inspired.
This book was a compiliation of 55 letters and 111 blocks.
I have a daughter ....of marriageable age.
My initial reponse was "HECK NO!!"
(o.k. maybe it was a liiiiittle stronger words than that...)
There have been some EXTREMELY tough times in our lives to make a living as a farmer.
I wanted an easier life for my daughter.
I bought the book to see what the feeling was at that time in the life of farming.
I started making the blocks out of a box of leftover Pumpkin and Spice by Red Rooster fabrics
As I worked on this project, I read each letter and started to change my mind.
Farming was not so much a 'living' as it was a way of living.....
It's a lifestyle
Farming is at the mercy of Mother Nature and it can be FEAST or FAMINE.

The more I read, the more I appreciated the true love of farming.
 The real draw to the life has to be the times you spend with family..
Working together....

 growing good food.....
 helping sick animals....
Batches of new life....

It is about the great memories and time spent together

It's the feeling you get when your heart smiles,
when you think back to the life you have created.
You put down roots, grow a healthy trunk and spread your limbs out to embrace life!

 The Tree of 'Life'
I get a lot of flack from quilters when they see I have left a salvage edge in my blocks....
But to me, this is history....

It's like the markings the bottom of fine china....
A hundred years from now, 
someone can research and discover the journey and times my quilts have come from.
I backed this quilt with traditional blue striped ticking in keeping with farmer style.

There is a lot of love in this quilt!!



  1. Great quilt, I'm sure it was a lot of work. Enjoyed your thoughts on your life of farming, it is a way of life.

  2. Lovely Farmer's Wife! I don't know many who've finished one so it's quite the accomplishment!

  3. Beautiful Story!! Beautiful Quilt!! I love the photo of the mirror refecting picking up bales. I grew up on a farm. We have many animals in our house and your calf photo is perfect. You inspired me.

  4. This is a gorgeous quilt. I love that palette that you chose.

  5. Great post, Christa. I ran into Shelby at the Peach Tree today...I wish I could join in the fun this weekend...Hockey comes first!!! :-)

  6. beautiful quilt with a great story. I think I'm also quick to complain about the way my life has been, but when I stop and count my blessings, we really have been very fortunate. I hope my quilts help me remember the good times.

  7. Oh I love this Christa! My Mom and I are working on our Farmer's Wife Quilt together. We take turns picking 5 blocks to make each month and then text pictures of our blocks to each other :) Makes me feel she's not so far away! Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing!


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