Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick trip to Moose Jaw

It's a good thing you can not see the state of my house!!
There has been no rest for the weary...let alone cleaning time since Retreat!
Chantel and Jaxon popped over for a visit one day....
Jaxon is growing up so fast!!
Dawson can't wait for him to run and play with her!!
Then it was off to Moose Jaw to pick up a new cattle handling system..
And who can go to Moose Jaw with out eating at Dejavu Cafe??
It was featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here'

Quite the pimped out delivery van...
Look at those rims!!

There are signs of Moose everywhere is town....
like this pedestrian crossing....


and in the stores....

Justin and I LOVED this entry table
at 2400$(no typo) it was either a cattle system or mitt storage

It was hands down....Cattle Handling System!
We spotted these Rhinos and thought of Irene Roy...
Definitely a woman ahead of her time!!

And what would be a trip to Moose Jaw without visiting 2 of the 3 quilt stores??

A total waste of a trip!!
Off to Guild..Maybe Dawson will vacuum today!! know!!


  1. Lovely rhinos. thanks for the retreat pics also.

    1. We definitely missed you at retreat! Just not the same with out you!


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