Friday, November 1, 2013

Scrap Squad Friday


Wow...This week is my turn
Can you believe it Scrap Squad #5????
One more to go...

This quilt is called Star Search by Carolyn McCormick

I decided to try some color that I don't usually use....
Let me rephrase that....NEVER use!!
Yellow and Greys

You can read more about the making of this by clicking HERE .
I spent this week getting all the cows home....
So I am now ready for winter now!!

I was finally able to make it to Guild yesterday....
And boy did we make progress!!
We are making a quilt to auction off for STARS Air Ambulance in March,2014.
Can you believe we did all this in a couple of hours!!!

Excuse the bad basement really looks awesome!!
I'll be sure to get more pics and details in the upcoming weeks!
 I am off to Kenossee Lake Retreat with the Heart&Hands Guild from Estevan,Sask!!
Going to be a lot of fun....
Gone Stitching!!


  1. I like to shake things up occasionally and use fabrics both pattern and colour wise that I rarely use. For me it's floral fabrics, I don't buy them as a rule, but somehow I end up with them. Now I have two floral projects cut just waiting for some spare time to be sewn.

  2. Love your yellow and gray together. Notice that your "bringing home the cows" photos also are in yellow and gray. Maybe that's where your inspiration came from ... fall fields and gray clouds.


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