Friday, February 28, 2014

Cold Enough to Make You Crazy

I am sure of it...
I have 4 dogs and not one of them spotted the 2 moose in our yard 

When there are super sundogs like these this morning

 Dawson WANTS her coat on to do chores

You know it's going to be frigid!!
Chantel and Jaxon came over yesterday
Jaxon ready to go!!
 to help move cows around to warmer barns
a matching pair
Last night,
the Mr and I attended Farmer of the Year night,

which was won by The Ashworth Family
for whom we made the Stars Quilt
 to raise money for Stars Air Ambulance!!
You can read more about the auction taking place
Monday, March 3,2014
The Ashworth Bull HERE and HERE
The guest speaker was Olympic Gold Medalist,
Joan McCusker
1998 Womans Curling in Nagano, Japan

She shared her gold medal with the audience!!

Incredible workmanship and amazing to see in person!!

It was a good night and very deserving family!!
Congrats to the Ashworths!!
Now back to Crazy...
With the wind whipping and the temp predicted to be -38C
(-40 is the same in F or C so you get the picture)

I have been stitching up a 'storm'....
I made a couple of spring chicks after seeing these adorables
They are only 1 1/2 inches and have the cutest little wire legs.
I am pretty sure I heard my two little chicks chirping
'you're're crazy....'
while I stitched them up!!
Bundle up
 stay close to the iron this weekend!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cathedral Window Quilt...Take One!!

I have been wanting to make
a cathedral ceiling window quilt for awhile now....
( I can't get it through my's a window!!)
I tried a few different methods and settled on a folding technique
I found online to make my 10" sample
So after a small break to eat a treat DELIVERED to my sewing room....
I hit my bundle of Paris Flea Market FQ pack!!

I like the direction this is going....
These windows are finishing at 5" corner to corner.....

It's a great way to stay warm on such frigid days!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sticks and Bricks

I have been keeping up pretty well
Lesson 4....

and 5!!!

At Guild this week, Terry brought an old friend with her...
Isn's she cute??

Terry hasn't picked a name for her...
I suggested Emma...cute as a button!!
This little machine was gallantly saved from Sally Ann's by Heather Piermantier.
An orphan with a new home!!
I started a mindless quilt for working on at the Guild....
Guild is for socializing with good friends so nothing too thought provoking!!
It's called Sticks and Bricks

  I am using Pam Kitty... a cute baby girl quilt!!

How is it...that a full quilt can fit in a little box
Yet my sewing room looks like a bomb exploded with fabric??
I'ld show you but you'ld be blinded by the mess!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Delightful Stars Quilt-along

I decided this year,
I want to improve my accuracy in quilting...
Delightful Stars Quilt-Along
So what would be a better way than to take part
Thanks to Mom and Terry
 the Christmas gifts of...
 these Bali and Stonehenge Layer cakes!!
They will be perfect for this project!!

This quilt-along started in January

lesson 1
 but I finally got started yesterday....

lesson 2
 So let's see.....
lesson 3
where this takes me...
Looks like I need to redo Lesson 3!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wednesday Girls Retreat

Terry and I were honored to be invited to
  the Wednesday Girls' Retreat in Estevan, Sk this weekend
They are a fun group of quilters!!
Irene Roy's Crazy Quilt as You Go....

Irene is 87 years young and a wealth of quilting knowledge.
Her work is always incredible!!
Marg's Sand Castles quilt....
Turned out beautifully!!
They were giving us a hard time
 Terry and I felt we should be home working...
I said I had cows to look after
 look what arrived this morning.....
Everyone is doing well....despite the cold wind!!

The girls has all kinds of great projects on the go.....
Eileen's Flannels from Quilt Patch, Moose Jaw,Sk
Eileen has her Flock of Feathered Stars organized and ready to go...
Can't wait to see this quilt!!
Angela was working on Magic Squares

in favorite!!

Terry managed to get some leaves appliqued on....


I managed to get the paper pulled off my Mariner's compass..
This is a perfect example of why to take pictures during your process...
Two blue points....Yikes!!

after some shuffling I was back on track...

Now for some borders....

I love the colors...can't go wrong with blue and brown!!

This is the paper I found at Staples for paper piecing....

2$ for 60 sheets instead of 15$ at the quilt store!!
Glad we could spend 2 out of 3 days with the Wednesday Girls!!
Thanks for thinking of us!!
Christa(and Terry)