Monday, February 3, 2014

Mittens to Margaritas....and back...

Thanks to Justin for keeping the troops entertained...
(and doing chores for 2 weeks)
Now for regularly scheduled programming!!!
It is an amazing world to go from mittens in the morning...
and MARGARITAS in the afternoon...
(yes,it deserves capital letters)

Doesn't this just say it all???

We started the week at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

It wasn't super warm.....

But it wasn't -30C!!!

The colors in this display of Vera Bradley kicked it off to a good start...
And the color just kept coming!!
I can see why DR.Suess fabric is so popular....
Just makes you happy!!
It is incredible what man can create...
The Harry Potter's Village

Looks like something from England in the middle of Florida!!

Off to Poseidon's Adventure....

I told Arnold we wouldn't get that wet on this ride....
Wouldn't this make a beautiful quilt???

A quick stop at NASA.....
(just to say we've been there... done that!!)

Week 2 was spent onboard the Carnival 'Dream' Ship


with stops at Bahamas, St.Thomas and St. Martens...

If you've never cruised before, you HAVE to try it!!

Who doesn't like your bed turned down every night??

The pillows are the BEST you've ever had
 its like sleeping in a big cradle at night!!

The people you meet are very interesting....
I met a woman at supper one night named Beverly
When she heard I quilted,
 she made her husband move over and we chatted up the night!!
We met every seaday for tea
shared quilt pictures and plans for Festival trips.
I know we will meet again on our quilting journey!!!
Monic and Bob from Quebec
 our dinner friends every night at 7pm
We really enjoyed their company!!
Thanks for all the laughs!!
The sights were so incredible.....

 I could picture this as my new 'farm' island.....

Faith is very prominent in these islands..

The churches have withstood many a hurricane...

The bathrooms.....which we had to pay to use...
were decorated in crosses!!!

Even the taxis had inspiration on them!!

In St.Thomas,

 we took a safari bus to the top of the island...

to see Magen's Bay

Our ship looks pretty tiny from there!!



 In St. Marten,

 we went to the beach with Bob and Monic
A man in the water was feeding a school of angel fish
which never left his side no matter how big the wave was!!

But I didn't dare get closer
we were on the NUDE beach
didn't need a 'better' view of anything but the fish!!

This one is for you, Irene!!
I risked my camera to get a shot for you!!
This man was strutting like a peacock

only he was more like a crow!!
I could only imagine the giggles we would have shared

 if you had been on a lounge chair beside with me!!

So this is as good as being there!!

I kept my clothes on as I would look like this....

It would have become a private beach!!!
Every market has such unique wares made by the locals...
 Cobra walking sticks....
Horse walking sticks...
a bracelet with reminiscent of the ocean....

a little truck.....

made out of coke cans....

Justin asked for some local art....

Isn't this Mother hen adorable with her new chicks??

The chickens in St.Thomas are protected
 all the cats are taken to the Pound!!
There are chickens everywhere!! 
Monic and I teased Arnold and Bob that it was going to be some years
before they could retire if we are going to get a yacht with a helicopter!!

I think I will do a little research on the cost of a winter home in St.Thomas....

Anyone interested in a share??

I asked a man if he could take our picture in front of this museum.....

Yup...he missed getting us in the shot!!
Yesterday was our 29th anniversary

 It was a great way to end the vacation!!
I'll get to the shop hop in Orlando tomorrow!!

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  1. He totally missed you in that photo??? Hilarious!!!


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