Friday, March 28, 2014

Bear Creek Row Robin

When I saw this invite on Bear Creek Quilting Co..
I jumped at the chance to participate in a row robin...
Our rows will be travelling all around the United States 
one stop in Canada...My HOUSE!!!
getting an addition of one row at each stop.
Each row will be approx. 9"x52"
I have decided to go 'Halloween'!!  

This fabric have been in my stash for some years now...
I think it's time to get this party started!!
Can't wait to see how my quilt grows in the next couple of months!!

Shari at Bear Creek Quilting Co. is heading up this adventure.
She made a label for each of our quilts so each person can sign it....

There is also a journal that travels with your quilt to document the making of each row!!
I am going to include a little 'something ' in my box for each quilter
 a THANK YOU for their contribution to my quilt
Using my handy Block Tool, I decided to go with 4" pin wheels....
This is my row for this project

These quilts are going to get some air miles!!


  1. Replies
    1. I think it will be incredible to see what each person comes up with!! I hope I can do their quilts justice!!

  2. Christa, I love it! Halloween-what a great theme idea. Now you have me re-thinking my selection. Great job! ~Shari

    1. I just have to get a few more fabrics and mine will be off in the mail! Thanks for hosting this!! Your labels are beautiful!

  3. I really love your Halloween fabrics...which say A LOT because I hate Halloween!!! Last weekend of hockey...Whatever will I do with all of my time?? I'm going to sew my second set of stars for my Lacy's Promise quilt. I have all of the diamonds done, now I need to sew them together in sets of 8 to make the stars.

    1. Petal to the metal,Girl!! Spring is coming and I can't wait to see that one! The last one was gorgeous!!

  4. That sounds like a great lot of fun and I love your first row.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs


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