Friday, April 11, 2014

A Busy Week...

Calving has been going well....
as you can tell by this little gang of trouble makers....
These are the last of the girls waiting for their day in the maternity pen
Doing what cows do!!
I have finally gotten this quilt finished for my cousin's baby....

Pretty ruffly with Minky fabric on the back

Her name is Genevieve
But they call her Genny

I got my row robin into the mail and on to it's first recipient

Can't wait till July to see what this comes home looking like!!
I included a little something~something for each quilter...

as a thank you
for the work they do on my row

Thank you for all the work you put into my row.
It will be a quilt I will have such great memories of!!

My favorite quilty gift of all time is tags and labels by BBD Creations
This is their last year of business. I am really going to miss their talent!!
Today my guild members  let me use them as guinnea pigs,
teaching them how to make my cathedral ceilings quilt.

I think my pattern is going to work!! 
Terry recently acquired a trunk of vintage linens
brought some to show up today!!
They were amazing workmanship!!

A quilt made of flannel flags
 that were collected through the purchase of boxes of cigars.
This was WAAAY before my day!!

Each flag was included in the box and someone made them into a quilt!!!

I am sure there were flags of countries that don't even exist any more!!

It took a lot of searching through...

To find the flag that represented Canada!!!

There was also this vintage quilt of stars....

And this INCREDIBLE crocheted table cloth....

It won first prize for Ethel Comstock of Moose Jaw.
No idea what year it was but the tag was still attached.
Ethel lived from 1889 to 1971
was probably married to Roy Comstock(1880- 1935).
They are both buried at the Mitchelton Cemetary in the RM of Terrell near Spring Valley,Sk.

She was well deserving of winning...this was a stunning work of art!!
I love vintage history
really respect the talent our fore-quilters and crafters possessed.
These days everything comes from China...not from your grandma!!
Ps. How do you like that update, Terry!!

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