Friday, April 18, 2014

Grey Days

The days have been so windy and grey....
So it was a perfect day to go to Crosby,ND to the Pheasant Fabrics Quiltstore

Wheerreee...... I sold my first 10 patterns!!!
Quilting at Guild yesterday was filled with new show and tell
 but I didn't get pics of it all!!
I really need to focus more instead of chatting so much!!
These were a few of Terry Whitman's latest creations...
Misty Pines in Stonehenge
Terry needle turn appliqued these swirls all winter
watching football,hockey,curling, Olympics....

Just floors me that we are friends....I HATE sports!!!

She recently Modpodged this little suitcase with pics of quilty things...

such a cute collage....

That is an actual doily!!!

She will be packing in quilty style on her next trip!!

I have been working on my first row for Bear Creek Quilts Row Robin

This is Shari's row.
Doesn't her kitty look like Winny??

She included these fabrics for all her rows....

Since I am in a 'windows' rut right now
 I am working on this for a row.....

It's not quite there yet...
I think the brown 1/2 triangles need to go!! 
Back to work...ok...quilting!!

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