Monday, April 7, 2014

Road Trip to Glendive 2014

It's a 3 hour hike....
But feels more like a hop and skip with a load of fun girls!!
With a quick stop at Sidney,MT at Quilts and More....
This must be the more - Chickens and ducks of every kind....
It was off to Glendive,MT
We were anxious to see Laura's new store -
Enchanted Living

It is an Apostolic church revamped into a side line of Enchanted Room...
Right across the street!!

After a couple of hours at Enchanted Room...knee deep in fabric....

We were given a private tour of Laura's new business....

This little church would have been the cutest, cozy home!!

Every nook and cranny is filled with beautiful furnishings...

The detail in the decorating is stunning...

Laura demonstrated this new light which was adjustable by pulling the weights!!

We were in 'awe' as usual....
at the amazing taste
Laura and her business partner have in quilting and home furnishing!!

Outside was just as inspiring...
This space will become a landscaping business with great furnishings for the outdoors.
I am going to need to take a truck for our next trip!!

Downstairs was filled with great kitchen gadgets and cookware

It was a great day but I was saddened to hear that my friend,
 Pat Jones had recently had a stroke.
I had met Pat a few years ago at the Glendive show.

We both love doing Judy Neimeyer quilts
had decided we would make 'Cattails' last year.
Pat made hers into irises and I did cattails...

Pat won second and I won third at the show!!
We both challenged each other to make Mariner's Compass for 2014.

I was crushed to hear she had a stroke.
Pat had just purchased 'Feathered Peacock Star' the day before.
I offered to complete it for her if she would like me to.....
It's the least I can do in aiding in her recovery!!
Terry Whitman-1st prize,Christa Marcotte -3rd, Pat Jones- 2nd
You are in my thoughts and prayers, Pat!!
You are an incredible quilter and a strong woman!!

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