Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bring it on, Summer!!

With all these grey days and rain,
I really would like to be doing this...
But instead I have been working on the haybine and tractors.
One of these days we can start haying!!

This has been my working area as of late...
Dirt and Oil DO NOT mix !

I am no mechanic...let's get that straight!!!
My local Partsguy is so patient with me when I bring him pictures like this
Saying I need this line...

and this hose....

that goes in this hole...
I don't know what things are called...
just know when oil is pouring out where it shouldn't be!!
I have been talking to myself when tackling these jobs thinking
 'You eat a lion one bite at a time'
Got that green lion tamed!!
Isn't it nice of Dawson to oversee me from the cab??
 Jaxon's growth chart is finished...
My Cathedral Ceilings quilt took 2nd at the fair for Wallhangings...


I am nearly finished this weekender bag......



The fabric is called Antique Seeds by Blue Hills.
Now can someone send some haying weather our way, please!!!
I want to pack this bag and go on a vacation!!


  1. Hang in there. We are bringing sunshine back home with us!

  2. We also have had so much rain. I don't know of too many farmers who have gotten their hay in. There are lots of fields with standing water. Not good for that corn or soybean crop. I have a beautiful weed garden.
    I'm going on vacation and not thinking about it :)


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