Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Week of Great Finishes

Harvest is done and the bales are made....

First truckload has been shipped....

Just in time to go to Homespun in Carlyle, Sk
As we wandered through the quilt show I thought I recognized this quilt...

Heather Piermantier's quilt she made at our retreat last year!!

I teased her about how she had taken over the show!!
I hired Terry Whitman to quilt Pat Jones quilt
She did an amazing job of quilting it...

Pictures do not do it justice but gives you an idea...

I can wait for Pat to see it!!

I was crunched for time
 this quilt had a ride back to Glendive if I could get it bound

I used Suzie's Magic Binding as I am still in love with this technique

I love the resulting flange from the two colored binding!!

It was delivered to Pat on Friday and I hope she loves it!!
Off to help some friends with their harvest...
Hope the sun keeps shining!!

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  1. I still haven't tried that binding technique and it looks so great! I really need to add that to my list! Thanks for sharing the lovely quilt show.


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