Friday, September 26, 2014

Light at the End of the Season

The leaves are turning....
The dust is hanging in air...
The days are getting so short...

As I listen to my Roomba, Herbie vacuuming,
(if you saw my house, I'ld have to kill you!)
I have been busy with this vacuum....

Dawson, Duke and Timber eating some dogfood!
Moving wet grain like crazy...

 Helping friends to get their crop in as winter is a'coming!!!

I was shocked when we saw this moose crossing down Corn Alley

When he left his puff of dust as he heading back into his hideout

You can only imagine the dust.....
I think my sewing machine has forgotten my name!!

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  1. Last year when we were combining the last corn field, I had six moose in the field. I was taking away their home!! :-(


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