Monday, December 8, 2014

Sedona...Month 7 and 8

Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet??
(I can hear Colleen from here...Stop!!!'s get ready)
17 days to Christmas and 19 days to Chantel's Wedding!!!
We attended fellow quilter, Lori Loewen's Choir on Saturday.
They were amazing and got us feeling festive!!!

I even picked up a Christmas to put it up!!!
While I was feeding cows this morning,
I came across.......

 two pigs in a blanket!!
Porkchop and Bacon thought they were hiding
They have been free ranging for a couple of months now
 think they are part of the herd of cows.
When people drive by our farm,
 they always do a double take when they see the pigs roaming around freely.
Always gives us quite a chuckle!!
As for quilting~
My Sedona Star is up to Month 9 now!!
I appliqued and stitched down Month 6,7 and 8

and have attached them to the quilt.
It is strange to work in circles

 as this quilt takes shape getting bigger and bigger
Month 9 is in the works....back to paper piecing!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!