Sunday, January 11, 2015

On the Trail

I can t believe how many sandals are lost...they are every where...
So I switched to my runners and we went up in the skies in a helicopter over Maui

Troy flew us up above the puffy clouds 

 And over pineapple and sugar canes fields 

To see the waterfalls on the road to Hana


Sorry about the reflections..

It was a great birds eye view

Up to the crater 

Looking pretty sleepy to me....

Huge valleys..

A blue oceans as far as you can see!!!

Spam seems to be the delicacy here...  I'll pass..

Went to the Organic Store

Lunch was at The Flatbread Company 


Over to the quilt store Sew Special..

I love how the Dolphins make the edges of this flower and turtles on the inside

Lots of turtles and flowers 

I thought it was so cute how they did these little houses in Hawaiian colours...when in Rome!!

Beautiful colours!!

I hade to purchase some of this blue purple Hawaii like fabric .....going to be a cute bag!!

Watched some dancing ...

Thanks to all advise of great places to go see and eat!!

Loving it all the recommendations!!


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  1. I hope you are enjoining your time in Maui! I bet your up at about 3:00 every morning with the time change over there!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!