Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quite the Surprise

These sneaky kids....

Jeremy, Chantel and Justin

They took Arnold and I out for supper 

last night

for our 30th anniversary

It's early as it's not till February 2
Was fun and much appreciated.

Good byes were said and off we were....


Where they had organized a surprise!!

All our friends were waiting....

They prepared a huge spread of food....

If anyone was wondering about those brownies..

They were topped with candied Bacon 
a sprinkle of cayenne.

A little Iron Chefing on Justin's part...

They presented us with a print from Yvette Moore

'It's Hard Work Hauling Hay to the Herfords'

Very fitting as it's a glimmer into our day to day life!!

Every one signed a charm square with best wishes

Thank you for a great evening!!
We didn't have a clue!!


Christa and Arnold


  1. What a lovely thing for your family and friends to do! Yvette Moore's book, A Prairie Alphabet was a favourite of my son's when he was a little gaffer. We chose it for the tractor and the ties to the west where his grandparents roots are. But it was the Snowbirds' picture that truly captured his imagination. Years later, when he was in Moosejaw studying to become a pilot, he was so surprised to discover the gallery and called me to say the artwork looked so familiar and he couldn't figure out why.

  2. Congratulations, Christa and Arnold! Family surprises are fun aren't they?


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