Monday, January 5, 2015

Steeped Tea.. Double...Double...

As a kid, we moved alot...
Fernie, Keromeos, Sparwood,Calgary, Halbrite, Thompson, Geraldton,Torquay...
(even sounds like the Tim Horton commercial)
Like 20 something times...

From British Columbia to Ontario with many stops in between
Calgary was always our 'Home' base where we seemed to go to regroup
 before a new leap to another part of Canada.
It's where Mom and we girls were born.

Weyburn was Dad's original 'home'
Dad was not in the police or army or running from the law.
He would see a beautiful picture of somewhere and we would move.
A real life Christopher Columbus...
discovering the world for our family.

So where does the Steeped Tea come in??
Yesterday, I got an email
simply asking
 if I was the' Christa' that lived in Geraldton, Ontario as a child?
I replied -
Were you the little girl whose house we(my sisters) would go to and have tea all the time?
(all the time??I think we lived there 6 months)
She replied back
We did live in the trailer court. :) I remember we built something of a
fort in a side-yard or something near your home, and you, Cyrs, Tannis,
Larissa and I pooled our allowances once and got a bunch of
different-flavoured chips to mix in a bowl.
You had offered Larissa a
quarter instead of her two dimes and a nickel because it'd be easier for
her to hold, and when she wasn't convinced that they were equal, you
simply agreed she could have the three coins, without fuss - I will
always remember the grace of that moment. :)
Coral Swerada
Isn't that crazy?
Coral's mom gave us tea and we always doctored it up with lots of milk and sugar. 
I had never made the connection till that moment in the email.
I always order Steeped Tea....,Double Double
 Arnold always razzes me about it.
That's the way I like it!!!
Coral had tried a couple of times to see what happened to us.
This time my blog popped up when she search our three names.

Tannis, Christa, Larissa
I think I was about 8 when we lived there.
A second person found me this fall.

I had a penpal named Michelle from Torquay, England in grade 9.
We wrote and shared cross stitched gifts for years.
She cross stiched a little pram for our third child, Megan.
It was adorable and I have it somewhere but can't find it today!!
Then Megan passed away at 6 months from SIDS.
It was a tough year and I stopped writing.
Lost touch.
To my surprise,
Michelle left a comment on the blog asking if I was her 'Christa' again!!
Such a small world we live in...
Took me along time when were first married to stop moving the furniture around.
Must be where I got the travel bug from.
Next stop...Hawaii!!!




  1. Great stories! I love that we live in a time when our world is so small!

  2. These are beautiful stories, you're going to make me cry. Here I thought you were born and raised in small town SK. Never assume !

    Thanks for this very heartfelt post.


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