Thursday, April 30, 2015

All Packed Up and One Place to Go...

The Estevan Quilt Show!!!
It is Saturday, May 2 & 3, 2015
It will be at the Spruce Ridge School.
There is a very special Feature Quilter...
Terry Whitman
She is an award winning quilter and Professional Long armer.
Her specialty is freehand custom quilting.
This is a show you won`t want to miss!!
  I will be going as a vendor!!
With 3 kinds of Quilter's Dream Batting
Fit for a Queen Widebacks
This could be an adventure...but then what isn't in my life!!
Today was also our final quilting day :-(
At least till the next very rainy, spur of the moment quilt day.
There was some incredible pieces being worked on!!
Vernelle has saved her mom's embroidery
is making them into a memory quilt
Her mom is Hazel Emde

Hazel's stitching is so fine and dainty..

These were a collection of table linens

Such great talent...

It was hard to pick a favorite

This is going to be a real treasure for her family

Can't wait to see this finished....

Tracey finished her Sherman's March Quilt
Another amazing quilt stitched to perfection!!
Hope to see alot of  our quilting friends this weekend!!


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  1. Every time I see Teri's quilting I think, WOW! she is good!


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