Friday, April 17, 2015

The Peony Queen in a New Garden

Mrs. Jeanne Marie Wanner
Peony Queen of Torquay,Sask
There were two Jeanne Wanner's
 she would always say Mrs.Jeanne MARIE Wanner
Our Jeanne has gone to greener pastures on Monday.
  I know she will be making them into fields of flowers!! 
All my kids worked for Jeanne in her gardens when they were kids.
But Justin and Jeanne had an old soul connection.
She was so impressed with his love of farming and gardening.
Justin and his Organic Farmer Boy Truck
She said he was the first kid she ever hired who knew the difference between grass and a day lily.
Justin,14 with his glads for Farmer's Market

It wasn't long before you could see it was going to be a great friendship.
As the years went by Justin didn't wanted her to pay him.
He loved to give her a helping hand with a passion they both loved.
They have such an appreciation for gardening
  would go on road trips to a few nurseries in one day.

They would plant for weeks in the Spring.
We were blessed to know and learn her knowledge of gardening.
She honored us with slips of her favorite peonies to remember her by.

We will miss her stories and adventures that made up her 89 years here on earth.

We will miss playing tile rummy and dominoes with her.
She was a school teacher for years 
 would reprimand Arnold when she thought he was trying to cheat.
Jeanne had many of her perrenials
 moved to Creighton Lodge to be enjoyed by many for years to come.
It was a pleasure to be acquainted with you, Jeanne!!
I can only imagine the beauty you will bring to Heaven.
Love the Marcottes

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  1. That's a beautiful eulogy. I remember the earlier post that you did about her and her peonies. I was in awe that she knew the names of them all. I have lots of peonies, many heritage ones, and I only know them as "white with red dot in center," "pink with amazing fragrance," etc.


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