Friday, May 29, 2015

A Lot of Irons in the Fire

Most of the cows are tagged, branded and off to pasture... 
Branding is my LEAST favorite thing to do!!
Hurts me as much as I think it hurts them.
I think 20 bucks worth of tags is PLENTY to identify them by!!
But..... I don't make the cow rules....

It was my 47th birthday this week.
Where do the years go??
As my friend said - When we were in school, a year took forever!!!
Thanks to my family and friends for the surprise supper!!

You are all such great LIARS!!!
If you missed the Estevan Quilt Show...
The Block Party Spring Tea....

Then you probably don't know....
I am now carrying a line of Widebacks called Fit for a Queen.
This is the box of new backs that just arrived!!

They are 110" by 3yds
The Flannels are 58$
 the Cottons are 55$

If you are in need of any
 just email me at
I can send you a picture of what I have on hand!
They will also be available through Terry Whitman,
 as well as the batting on a roll

 if you are sending any quilts to her!

The battings are Quiters Dream
 are cuts of 122"x3yds.
 Quilters Dream Cotton ~ 55$


Soft and supple... very smooth!!

Quilter's Dream Poly ~ 33$
This is not your grandma's Poly!!
It is as beautiful as the cotton.
I have a few customers doing some hand quilting with it right now
can't wait to hear what they thought of it!!
Did you finish your quilt, Rose??

Quilter's Dream Orient ~ 66$
(a blend of Silk,Bamboo,Tensel and Cotton)
My Favorite!!!
It's almost a sin to sandwich it as it's so dreamy and soft!!

All prices include all taxes.
Now to get packed...We are off to QUEBEC!!
Justin is attending an economic development conference at La Malbaie,Qc
this lovely little place!!!
Image result for la malbaie quebec
We have never been out that way so what the heck!!
He probably will need parental supervision!!
We will TRY to be back from our adventures when he's done each day...
but I can't promise!!
Au Revoir....

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  1. These backings are amazing quality and the price is unbelievable for what your getting. So beautiful I thought about using it in a quilt top! I also bought the quilters dream orient blend and won't go back!! Thank you so much for bringing these in at such an affordable price.



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