Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crunch Time...

As usual....
 I have had months to finish this quilt...
Since today is my great nephew's baptism

I zipped it up this morning!!

I even got a label on it
 With this quick method of making fabic into paper to go through the printer!!
A little spray of Terial Magic and a press of the iron...

The label is on and the baptism is at 3pm TODAY!!

Right under the always!!
This is a little Rosy Grosbeak my dog,Timber found on the lawn this morning.
If Dawson had found him, he'ld already be in Heaven!!
 He was tired and just sitting there.
He is in a shoe box for now resting
 hope to release him if he lives!!
Time will tell!!

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  1. The rosy grossbeaks have been passing through Weyburn too. I wish they would stay awhile as they are so cheerful.


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