Friday, May 8, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain is Gone....

And after a new lens was put into my right eye on Wednesday!!

It must have been a South East Corner Surgery Day

Everyone was from around our area!!

Arnold had lots of people to visit with while he waited for me!!

On the way home,
 we decided to stop at a new greenhouse we have been watching take shape.

It's just outside of Regina south...

The landscaping is just in progress and I can see the potential already!!

He had some cucumbers you grow on your deck...

And a couple of benches of U-pick Strawberries with red berries already...

There is nothing like a cold dreary day 
to be brightened up 
when you walk through their doors!!

We will definitely be back!!

But for now we needed to head home and start putting seed in the ground!!

Can you believe these hands touch fabric??

 It might be some time before I get up to the sewing room again!!

Now come on, Sun!!


Seeding is a parka is just wrong!!

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  1. I think I read your blog as much for the peak into your farming life as I do for your quilting. Love your stories.


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