Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ricky Tims....Here We Come!!

Well, it's been quite a week..

Moved a ton of cows to pasture....

Lost my phone....AGAIN...still lost...

As I searched 40 acres for the last 3 days I wondered what I might have been doing with this time???

Dreamed about the quilt...ok...

Ten quilts I want to get started on.

Oh well...I have more time than money...

will be looking for the next year and half till my apple care expires.  

Never know....maybe I'll find it when I hay that field in about 4 weeks....crazy!

Thanks to my mom for upgrading her phone and letting me use her old one!!!

Otherwise I'ld be off the grid.....

for quite some time....700 bucks for a new phone???


On a brighter note....Ricky Tims Seminar, great friends, my's going to be a good time!!
Image result for ricky tims picture 

I am so looking forward to a weekend break

Spent with the quilting gang!! 

What do you call a gang of quilters??

A bobbin of quilters?

Image result for bobbin picture 

How about a binding of quilters?

 After all we are held together by a common addiction to fabric!!!

Can't wait for the inspiration to begin!!!


Ps....It was a successful release for the Grosbeak!!

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