Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day of Fabric and Friends

Yesterday I had the honor of helping Tamra
 choose new lines for her Fall order

Oh...the possiblities!!

For a moment I thought I was back at Houston Quilt Market!!

I know what I like but tried to keep all of my quilty friends tastes in mind.
Tracey? Colleen?? Any of these??

I loved these striped batiks...
(and Kate Spain)

So that was a super fun morning.....
 The afternoon was spent with the Heart and Hand Guild

One of their members, Irene Roy
 is embarking on a new adventure as she moves to Saskatoon in September
Irene is an incredible quilter
 any guild that she joins will only benefit from her wealth of knowledge

She has made not ONE but SIX of these scrap apple quilts!!

She has dabbled in so many artistic ventures and is amazing at them all

At 87 years young,
 we teased her about how 80 is the new 50!!

Irene's presence will be missed but not forgotten

I know our paths will cross again... quilters travel!!
Their guild did a challenge due for the Fall and Irene has already finished her!!

Good tidings on your voyage to a new city.
I can only imagine the fun your going to have.
Thank you for your influence ~ you make us all want to be better quilters!!
Till then...
I am off to repair a tractor.... what we quilters won't do to keep our stash up!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Duck Mountain Getaway

It may be mid summer but it is also time to swathe the rye...should be ready to combine on Monday!
Dawson is always exhausted after a day of bunny watching in the tractor...
It is also our annual camping getaway with Arnold's family... This year it's Duck Mountain Park

I like to explore our way to our destinations so we stopped for lunch in Carlyle at Michaels....

Then a quick stop at Sew and Sews to see her new store...

Pretty nice!!!!
I made this quilt some time ago and still love it!!
Then it was a quick stop at Colettes Sewing in Yorkton....

Where I purchased the inside panel of this quilt...not sure why but it was calling my name...
While Arnold went golfing, Justin and I headed to Swan River,Mb
I wonder if Justins milk cows agree with this slogan ....
The Coop was cool.... It still had clothing and a sewing section at the grocery store
Quite the selection....wish ours still did!!!
The real draw to Swan River was to check out Fabriculous Quilt Store...
I have experienced their booth at shows but never to the store 
It did not disappoint!!! The owners husband was manning the store and did a mighty fine job of hosting us. 
He was an ex cattle farmer turned store owner and was passionate about there venture 
I loved the different taste than the average store. Lots of bright colours 
Lots of samples...
Some Tula Pink....
And some original art work from the owners,,,

It was a fun day!!!

Now back to regular scheduled programming....loons cooing and squirrels chattering

Having a rest...Christa

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sneak Peek

First things first...
Happy 25th Birthday to Justin!!
This is all we can wish for you!!!


Just need to slow up on the "something to do"
The pups are grown like weeds.
They are so cute when they are sleeping after a good run in the sprinkler!!

On the sewing front...
My wedding star is coming along...

I am liking the direction it's going!!

Just a preview...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Weather

A person needs to keep their eyes to the skies these days....
This was my view 2 days ago from my window!!
Thankfully it didn't come down!!
The cherries are ripening like crazy with all this intense heat

We have had some fun times in the orchard with all the little crews who came to pick!!
If you are interested in some just let me know!!
Probably a week or so left!

I have made cobbler and juice
But I thought it might be good to try some cherry vodka
I don't know if it's going to work....

But you can't say I didn't try!!

If your eyes could looks pretty tasty to me!!

I will give it a couple of months....

Maybe it will be alittle taste of summer in October!!

We tried it with crabapples last year so what the heck!!

I finally made time to go kayaking....

with Maryann, Dad and Justin

Dad just got a new kayak so we went to Kramer's Crossing up by Halbrite to try it out.
I prefer to kayak down the little creek
 the water is quickly drying up making for lots of portages
So Rafferty is the next option.
To think this was in someone's yard before the dam flooded the valley...

It was an excellent perch for the birds

It was a great way to beat the heat...

Before another storm rolled in...

Now if only the storm would drop some rain...