Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alcatraz prison

The sunset was gorgeous behind Golden Gate as we ferried to Alcatraz for a night tour

To think they have made a national park of such a historic prison 

It was for sale in the 60's for 2 million but there were no takers!!

It was quite the steep hike up to the main prison 

It has a light house since it is a rock in a dark ocean at night 

There was no fresh water on this island 

The families of the guards lived on the rock and the kids went to school in San Fransisco every day 

It was a twelve minute  boat ride 

These cells were very small

Around 250 of the hardest criminals were housed here like Al Capone and  frank Lee Morris who spooned his way out of prison through the vent. 

The audio tour was recorded in some of the guards and prisoners actual voices 

There was visitations very rarely 

There were a few escape attempts but all were caught except 3 who tunnelled through the vent system(Frank Morris)

They were never found or heard of again. 

It's said they went to South America but no one knows if they even survived the water 

It is said to be haunted but we didn't stick around to prove that point 

The skyline of San Fransisco was beautiful on the way back 

Pictures don't do it justice 

Alcatraz started as a military prison before it was turned into a federal penitentiary. 
It closed in 1963 when it became too costly to run and other facilities were erected 

I think I will continue to walk the line...



  1. Three things:
    -a night tour of Alcatraz???
    -who would raise their kids there?
    -where is the picture of justin behind bars?

  2. I know...creepy eh??? I left Justin there.....


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