Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Deadwood or Bust!!

It was Deadwood AND bust...good thing Arnold was lucky!!
(it's was his turn....I have been his sugar mamma for years now!)
One of our favorite places to go is Deadwood,SD
The drive is beautiful...

Since it rained, we hopped in the car and went for the weekend...
We labour enough all year
 without spending the long weekend doing it too!!
We stayed in Spearfish,SD at The Secret Garden B&B

It was historical home from the Patti Hearst Family built in 1892

It was a quaint sanctuary

very well preserved...

I loved how the keys were on a custom made holder

This was our first experience with a B&B

Breakfast was outside which was nice
13C(55F) is just a little too chilly for ME!!!

We headed off to the Crazy Horse Monument....

The sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski was asked to sculpt a replica of Crazy Horse
into a chosen mountain way back in 1948!!
Korczak had worked on Mt Rushmore when he was 16 years old
had the fortitude and drive to take on this new challenge.
He climbed 750 steps up a ladder daily to work on this project
still managed to have energy to produce 10 kids!!!
He dedicated his entire life to this project.
He was an amazing sculptor.....
His family has carried on his torch,
 creating a source of income to complete this huge project
 building an interpertive center and university for Native people

The incredible arts of the Native people are displayed through out..

This star quilt was the first quilt I ever made...
I never knew the significance of it...

Their bead work is so detailed...


I loved this display of beads...too beautiful to use!!
I guess every hobby has it's stash!!

Rugs and dresswear...

It has taken 67 years to get it to this point...

And this is what it is destined to be one day....
You could take home your own piece of the 'rock'!!
That is one way to clear the debris...one rock at a time!!


It was amazing to see who far people had travelled...


We were probably one of the closest travellers!!

It is always a great escape!!
So glad it finally rained!!



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  1. It looks like an amazing getaway. It is one of our favorite places to visit too.


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