Friday, September 4, 2015

Home on the Range

The antelope population did well this year....
This little herd has been hanging around our place all summer!!

This is not Vanna 'swimming'

She got stuck in the mud in the pasture dugout.
Thanks to a neighbour who spotted her, we gathered a rescue operation
got her back on to high and dry ground
My sister, Larissa is in Alaska on vacation this week.
Larissa Cyr's photo.
Looks chilly to me!!
She has been wanting to see a moose or a bear.
But the only thing she saw so far was Obama
she waited for his entourage to leave Exit Glacier so they could have a look!!
I haven't seen any bears around here
(other than me)
But this moose thought he was hiding in the corn!!

He had quite the rack!!

Have an amazing long week.
I hope it rains in MY neck of the woods.




  1. i read this morning that a big herd died in Ausia

  2. I hope the storm hasn't done any destruction where up you are. Always be careful of what you wish for. Beautiful sunny day here. Perfect for a stroll along the waterfront and a visit to the Seaport Farmers Market.


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