Thursday, September 24, 2015

Muir Woods

It was another good day across the Golden Gate Bridge....

To Sausalito with a stop a a shop called Soxalito...

Where there was ever kind of socks you could ever dream up 

Such an appropriate play on words

To catch as cool bus made into a convertible so we could go to the Muir Woods

There was some wind in our hair!!!

This tree was born in 909 AD and was dated to 2007 with dates through out its life pointed out 
Isn't that so cool how they have a time line in the rings 

I have had Yosemite on my list and this was just a small taste of what it will be like I am sure 

These redwoods were unbelievable 

The age and massive size can't be captured in a photo 

It was such a beautiful forest 

We are so lucky that it has been protected from further foresting

The creek was not babbling as California is still in a drought 

Then it was back to San Fransisco   The main cable on this bridge is 28000 cables wrapped together and is 1 metre thick!!!

It is now 80 years old!! Incredible architecture and engineering!!

We walked the Barbary Coast Trail through the city over to North beach to Tony's pizza. The wait was 1 1/2 hours but was soooooo worth it!!!!

This catholic  church in little Italy was beautiful all lit up  you won't find an address on this church as ironically it is 666 on that street 

 We flagged a cable car and rode back to Union Square

It was fun hanging off the bar through all the traffic and hills

I think we can safely say 'I've been everywhere,man!!'

I day left to explore....

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