Friday, December 4, 2015

Farmer's Wife Progress

I have to apoligize for the disorganized fashion this blog has been lately.

I am not sure what'g going on 
it feels like a western line dance.

Some pictures are to the left,to the left, to the left


to the right, to the right, to the right...

Grab your partner and swing her 'round!!!

It's all supposed to be centered
 it changes by itself.

I'll keep striving for improvements...promise.


I didn't feel very accomplished after retreat
 I did not come home a finished project after 4 days of sweat shop sewing.

But after going through the blocks I did finish...

64 Monette
57 pieces in a 6 inch block!!

I am feeling a little better about it!

65 Mother

These are proving to be pretty time consuming

66 Mrs. Anderson

For the size that they are 

69 Mrs. Keller

At 6 inches finished...

70 Mrs. Lloyd

They can be intense...

71 Mrs Morgan

But I am sure after they are all put together in a quilt

72 Mrs. Smith

I am going to love it

73 Mrs. Taft

Even though they are THE farthest thing from perfect!!

74 Mrs. Thomas

A headless horseman???

80 Patricia

These are supposed to be wonky sides but looks like I just did them wrong!!

89 Ruby

And this special little package....

She got put away at retreat.

Pretty frustrated with the angles on this one!!!

Not sure if I will finish 99 blocks.

Might just be 98.

Will see.


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  1. Beautiful! Ruby is just wrong, heh? Why can't her sides match up rather than making everyone sewing her incompetent?? Oh well.


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