Sunday, January 31, 2016

Heart and Hands Sewing Day

Our Guild was invited to sew with Heart and Hands on Friday
Where there was a whole lot of quilts being finished!!

Thank you for the invite!!
We had a great time!

Eileen showed a little demo on how to make Delectable Mountains

She made it look so easy,
 I am going to try it as a border for my Farmer's wife Quilt

Thanks for the tip on how great the pizza at RobbinBobbin's is, Patrice!!!
The Calzones were incredible.

The cook even came out to see if we enjoyed it and we gave him all our praise!!
And remember this guy with the purple featherweight??
My friend, Shelby was at Road To California Quilt show
 a week after
I was at World Quilt Show in Orlando and took his picture.
It was more about the machine but he insisted on being in it....

Shelby recognized him from reading my blog
him how she knew of him.
I think he was feeling stalked!!!
It really is such a small world.
Hope your weekend was great!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wedding Star...Deja Vu!

It was ten years ago that I made my first wedding star quilt for Arnold's parents

This time it was for ME!!

Terry did an amazing job again on quilting this one for me while I'm was gone! 

Thank you to Pat Jones for gifting me the fabric for this quilt!

I really treasure this one!


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Good Bye Sandals...Hello Snow

I said good bye to my sandals...
at least till Spring.
We always travel in January
 we are home for calving which will start in a couple of weeks
Maybe I can get the cows to schedual their calving this year....

I eased into my regular life by going to guild

where the Estevan girls came for a visit
gave us a hand to start hand quilting this Grandmother's Flower Garden
They brought out some show and tell
This was Maria's Tessilating Stars

Miss Rose's hand quilted Missouri star quilt

Eileen's in different colors

I also unpacked my treasures from my trip

A table cloth from Caribelle Batiks

My shop hop fabrics from The Quilt Shop of Deland,Fl
The first is words(I can't resist), the 2nd is the Australian Fabric,
the 3rd is the line of fabric created by the shop owner.

I think they would make a cute bag...
particularly...this one!!

At the World Quilt Festival I snatched up some little tags

Purse handles

And this polish that smooths out your extension table.

Then I dove into putting my Farmer's Wife Quilt together
It's going to be a big quilt!!

In Bismark, I stumbled on this short piled minky that looks like cow hide

I think it's in keeping with the ranching theme so it will  be the back!!
to find some warm socks....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Florida Breeze Shophop

Wouldn't you know it...a quilting  shop hop is going on while I am still in Orlando!!!
First stop was Accent on Quilting in Orange City,Fl
It was a cute store with a bit of variety
Nothing I had to have 

Loved the scrap bin...would have been a cute planter 
Then it was over to Deland, Fl to THE Quilt Shop of Deland
As I approached I thought hmmmm
But I opened the door and was wowed!!
The owner has designed this line of owl fabrics and patterns. So cute!!
Then I stumbled on a bunch of Aussie fabrics and I fell in love!!!
It was like batiks but from Australia 
Every nook and cranny was filled!!
Some abstracts

I haven't heard of M&S Textiles from Austrslia but will be doing some research!!

While at this store some ladies were talking about the store in Daytona Beach so I continued up the coast 
To The Sewing Garret
I should have known when I saw Elenor Burns a little tipsy outside!!
This store was not nearly as wonderful
More of a sewing machine dealer

All in all it was a fun day. I love checking out all the little towns with their own personalities