Friday, February 12, 2016

Crystalia.....Hoffman challenge 2016

Calving has been going well.

The weather has been fabulous
the new cattle dogs, Scout and Pepper have been a lot of help

Scout is always on duty....

She never leaves my side.....
 making sure every one stays away when we pull string off the bales

As far as sewing....

Crystalia is this years Hoffman Challenge fabric

 in white AND black

Since its butterflies I thought I'ld try a cathedral version of a butterfly

This was my base. 
It's hard to see but it white butterflies on white 

 I started filling in the sections 

The center are mini windows.

I have to say they were tricky little suckers!!

Let see how this entry flies!!!

Have a great weekend!

I know I will...
Good food...Justin is cooking for us....

I`ll take pics for all who couldn`t make it!!



  1. Beautiful and I expect lots and lots of pics!!

  2. Love your butterfly cathedral window - genius.

  3. I tried cathedral windows for the first time. Fun, but I have lots to learn. You are an expert obviously.


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