Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baltimore Autumn...Take 2

I have loved this pattern for a long time.

I would love to do it needle turn 
 unlike Colleen Winter's FABULOUS work....

Mine looks like a child did it!!

I decided to try it with a new technique
 we learned in Minot

Step one... 

Photocopy the pattern

Step 2

Center on the back of your background piece of fabric and pin

Step 3
 It's kind of like paper piecing....sort of.

Place desired fabric on the front where placement needs to be...

then flip and stitch on the back side following what you are out lining.

This was a part of the wreath...

Trim close to stitching...

This pattern is excellent as it's like paint by number 
indicates what is next...

Just continue the process...

Building your picture..

For the sunflower,

 I used one piece for underneath 
one piece one top rather that each petal.

One thing I may do differently is to use invisible thread on the next one.

This worked up in 3 hours!!

One 6" farmer's block took me the same time!!!

Some people are geniuses!!

When I am done all the blocks,

 I will satin stitch all at the same time.

Legs, berries and eyes will be later.

If you desire the exact layout be sure to reverse your copy

It didn't matter to me if the crow was looking east or west!!
One down...11 to go!!

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