Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

The heat was on...

Not only was it a scorching 39C...

A neighbour called to say there was a fire near my son's farm

That clump of trees at the bottom is Justin's yard

We only live 6 miles apart

Within minutes the streak of smoke turned into a raging fire!!

A combine header had started a  fire and it was headed right to the yard.

Thanks to the MANY volunteers who stopped their combines 
came to the rescue....

 with water trucks, tractors and discs and manpower

And the Torquay Fire Department who are the same farmers!!

We thought there was no saving his house
the wind switched at the last minute
 tearing through his pasture...

Going just a 100 feet from his barn and house

The cows have been relocated and some fence needs repair

But  his yard was saved!!

At this time of year,

 when you see smoke you know it's probably going to be a raging fire.

It was only a month ago that our baler caught on fire from a hot bearing

It has been 5 weeks since a rain and everything is tinder dry.

So the blue grey skies were a welcome sight yesterday as we picked straw bales

The cooler day gave us time to water down some hot spots

It made us appreciate the simple things in life

It is a blessing to live in a community where people help each other!!

Two more days of combining and we call it another successful year!!

Now to UNLOAD some bales...


Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Whole Lot of Swathing Going On!!

I thought we were a head of schedule this year but looking back on last year we are right on track!!
Everything is ready!! 
I just started reading(listening) to a book called The Tipping Point when I started swathing wheat.
 It was probably a good thing as half way through....the pitman broke. 
Kind of major repair. 
Fixed it 
Started up again...  the knife head broke. 

I got back to the yard and walked around the swather to see the tire fall off and the other one going flat. 

Then the pasture manager called to say a calf died 

I have a pretty strong Tipping  point as I haven't gone over the dead end....yet!!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Artists Colony 2016

I have been anticipating this retreat for months

  The Artist's Colony at Moose Mountain Park

I was excited to sew in such a quaint and quiet atmosphere

I brought all my favorite things to hang in my cabin

I even finished a few things

such as this Country Chic pattern in Zen Chic fabrics

It was five fun filled fabulous days hanging out and sewing!!

I worked on my barn quilt which I could have sold 3 times 
 it's not done!!!

I didn't think of selling my 'wares'

I was just going to sew
  people kept asking so I sold a few things

My first sale was my lunch bag!!

It's going to Australia with the Hume family..

Look at that cute girl in the background... 
Heather Piermantier!!

Thank you to all my friends and family that came for a visit!!

My second sale was my WOW bag which was purchased by Debbie Sorenson 

I was all packed up and heading home 
 Audrey Bonkowski asked for a peak!!

I did a quick trunk show literally....

She loved my last WOW bag and took it home!!

It was so much fun...

I am going to try to book for next year if they will have me!!

It was relaxing... at least from Justin's vantage point!

He told me to try it but I would still be in it....

I had a great view of the lake...

That little triangle on the lake is Maryann wind sailing!!

I had the honour of being there with Ken Frederickson who is sculptor

I teased him that I can say "I knew him when..."
he has only begun sculpting and is incredible!!

Shirley Rumble, Painter

Margaret Delainey...
(otherwise known to me as Brenda Blackburn's mom)

It was excellent timing too... 

The Red Market Barn of Kenosee Lake
 the Happy Nun of Forget, Sk 

joined forces to put on a Summer Barn Supper

It was a nice evening of 60 people

shared communal style

My last project at the Colony was this Canadian flag

We live in an incredible country...

I was glad to take some time and enjoy it....


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stripology Squared by Gudrun Erla

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs has a new book out!!


She put out a call for some pattern tests on her new book.

Since I recently purchased her stripology ruler at the Minot Show
Gudrun was their Trunkshow speaker....
Creative Grids Stripology Ruler Quilt Ruler

I thought what a better way to learn how to use it!!

She asked if I would try the pattern 'Quadrants'

This book uses 10" layer cakes 
 has a variety of sized for each quilt.

I used this Christmas print to try my version of this pattern.

I think it was Holly Taylor

Gudrun sent her testers a book for helping her out!!

I was super surprised.....

 to see my quilt in her book as I was flipping through!!!!

Loved that she took the time to personalize it!!

Thanks, Gudrun!!

I can't wait to try some of your other patterns in my book!!

Look for her new book at a quilt shop near you!!