Friday, September 9, 2016

Back to school....

Or Quilting!!

Since it was finally raining...

We called an impromptu quilting day!!

SOME people did a bit of quilting during the summer!!

Terry did 'All Squared up'

This was destined to be something else...

But plans changed and Terry went with a strippy look

Lori tried Easy Cathedral Window tutorial by Missouri Star

Lori worked her magic on a Laura Heine pattern of the Truck

Lori did an incredible job of making her Old Red!!

I may have to give this a try one day....

On another note....

Colleen's granddaughter Olivia...

who is only TWELVE....

Made this Zentangled map of all the places her dad had been 
a gift for him!!

What a fabulous job, Olivia!!

You are quite the artist!!



  1. I can so see you making that truck!! Great job Lori and thanks for sharing, Christa.

  2. I LOVE the trucks! The map is such a great way to use zentangles and that 12 year old puts my zentangles to shame.


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