Saturday, November 5, 2016

Good Bye Houston

We had a lot of Mexican this week

But it goes really well with margaritas 

We celebrated our last night with some chorizos 
 Marry Ann managed to get a pic with none other than Jenny Doan

Miss Missouri Star!!!
This one is for Shelby...

She sent me a pic last winter from Road to California 
award winning Quilt 

It was my turn to admire it here in Houston 

The Cherrywood Chalkenge really intrigued me

2017 is going to be blue.  

The theme is Van Gough

I may have to do that one!!

Susan Carlson had such interesting results with her collages

This crocodile was 20 feet long

Pictures don't do it justice
 Using Kaffe Fassett fabric , 
She did an incredible job on this rhino

I can see Irene Roy making this!!
I loved theses Millifiora quilts

They reminds me of Italian mosaic tiles

I may have to do a small one

There were so many fabulous quilts 

I can't begin to show them all

We are on our way home today

It was a great week...

Great Freinds...both old and new ones

Super teachers and classes

Inspiration beyond my imagination

Now to get home and unpack!!



  1. Wow is all I can say about all of these gorgeous quilts and we all know that they are always nicer in person.

  2. Your photos beautifully capture those amazing quilts. The Milliflora Quilts are intriguing. I need to investigate further. Welcome Home!

    1. Thanks! I am definitely going to find my pattern!! They are so beautiful!


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